Window Mangers

Lock Screen
Password protect via screen saver

What's Your Favorite & Why

4.1RC1 - JWM - Ctrl+D - keyboard shortcut

Fluxbox as default in 4.0 ?

fluxbox 0.9.14 not loading by xinitrc

fluxbox 1.0

optional extensions

The future of desktop menus
much change for 4.0?

need help with persistent icewm wallpaper
wallpaper icewm

How best to deal with conf and log files in a uci
First attempt at a uci extension

Icewm and Winkey
DSL 3.2 Icewm configuration

prob with wmdrawer
no icons visible

Want newer Fluxbox
How do I enable latest version?


No Tabs in Fluxbox 0.9.14
What happened to my tabs?

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