How to recognize an Atheros card

Working Wireless Cards
Listed in the Wiki

remote desktoping
remote login

Getting Nokia C110/C111 Wireless card working??

DSL as proxy

dsl and wlan
getting netgearv3 working and other stuf

airsnort and which cards

Acer Aspire One connection

sendmail qmail mailx and masqmail NADA!
sendmail qmail mailx and masqmail NADA!

Installing Intel e1000e drivers
Intel 82574L

Realtek RTL8101E on Acer Aspire One

intel 8/16 306451 ISA Ethernet not detected
Serious headaches with ISA detection

Baffled by ISA Ethernet
Help needed for ISA ethernet connection

RTL8187b on 2.4 kernel
Belkin F5d5070 USB wireless

getting flash player working with DSL Bon Echo 2.0

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