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DSL 2024 in text-only mode - giorgino - 03-28-2024

Hi all; I'm writing from Italy and I'm trying to run DSL2024 in a QEMU box under Linux. I would like to boot in text-only mode, but if I search the ney I can find old tutorials, referring to the old DSL. In muy configuration I have a root user and a normal user; I would like to start in terminal mode choosing what user needs to be activated, as normally in other distros.

Please, can you help me showing which conf files I have to modify?

Thano you all,

RE: DSL 2024 in text-only mode - grindstone - 03-28-2024

For DSL 2024 it's helpful to start searches in Antix forum; much information is there (perhaps more appropriate), but here's a start.


RE: DSL 2024 in text-only mode - John - 03-28-2024

Unfortunately, there is a bug in the runit version antiX that doesn't allow it to boot directly into tty. If I figure out a work around I'll incorporate it into DSL 2024.

RE: DSL 2024 in text-only mode - John - 03-29-2024

I have a work around for this, expect it in the next release.