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So, what's in it for me?

Fame, notoriety, the good feeling you get inside when you help out poor code hackers, and a link to the website of your choice** with the caption* you want.

How to contribute?

To have your place on the Wall of Appreciation, you simply make a small contribution of $25, $50, or $100, choose your Happy Face link, and write the caption you want for your text bubble -- see form below.

How does my contribution help?

We spend many hours a week working on DSL to make it the best mini-distribution possible. Such a commitment displaces time we would spend earning a living. We need some way to augment our desperately low financial situation. By donating to our developer funds, we can keep working on DSL while still paying for our electricity, food, and of course, DSL expenses.

$25 contribution captions are limited to 27 characters
$50 contribution captions are limited to 65 characters
$100 contribution captions may have a caption up to 200 characters

**No adult or gambling sites, sorry. Also, we reserve the right to not link to anything offensive.
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