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This is a temporary static mirror of the DSL wiki. I am in the process of updating the DSL server. Static copies of the wiki, blog area, and forums are an attempt to preserve all data as I update the site. Much of the scripting on the site is old, vulnerable and has been abused. If you see something I missed please contact me: (John2 at this website's name).

Thank you so much Fioddor, Winter Knight and everyone else who has helped to maintain this wiki!

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About This Wiki

All For One

This is the community driven documentation effort for Damn Small Linux. If you don't find the information you need, ask questions in the forums. For general, Linux-type info, try here.

One For All

If you wish to contribute to this wiki, Thank You! Please read How To Use This Wiki first so that we don't step on each others' toes. This page has been locked to prevent vandalism. Use the Main Page Beta if you want to edit this page, and your changes will turn over shortly afterward.

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You need to read the Disclaimer.
History of this, the DSL Documentation Project.

Getting Help

This wiki has answers to your questions. To post your questions, though, visit the forums or IRC. The forums are always active. The wiki ops just don't spending much time searching for questions hidden in the wiki.

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