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DSL and Browsers

Dillo is still in there -- and it is also still in active development. The version in DSL is a special hacked addition. The main line of Dillo is progressing. The main reason why I haven't upgraded is because of cookie exchange issues in the later versions.

We also have a text version of Links. Links-Hacked is a great browser, it runs well and is very responsive. Also, it can do a lot that Dillo can not --- authentication, manage plugins, some js, and a host of esoteric functions. I am a 'fan' of Links-Hacked. Unfortunately, it is now a dead project, which is a shame because I think it has enormous potential. I've emailed the author and he has no intention of resuming development. Maybe one day someone will pick up the source code, or it will get incorporated into the main Links2 project?

the last miles are the hardest

DSL is reaching its potential. With the hard limit of 50MB each additional improvement or feature enhancement grows harder to accomplish. Truth is the canvas will never be fully painted, but each new stroke is harder to place.

If DSL were a car I sort of see it like the old Porshe 911. I say that not because of it's speed, or power to weight ratio, but because of how the 911 evolved. For decades, the 911 kept to it's original design and made diligent improvements.

Software patents

Okay, I am going to let some of my personal opinions slip out here and there in this blog. Otherwise, what's the point?

So Coolworlddsl pointed out that some opportunist in Singapore is claiming to have invented a USB bootable OS when the method has been around since at least 1999.

So, I am trying something new.

I've read great things about Drupal, lets see how it jives with the DSL community.

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