So, I am trying something new.

I've read great things about Drupal, lets see how it jives with the DSL community.

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Test reply

2nd test reply

2nd test reply

anyone home?

wow this must be brand new!! I am DSL obsessed.....

"You cannot wield it!"


yup im here!


Word! Brian AwPhuch



Crappy day

Last night I found out the band that was helping with the movement broke up! The day before one of the freeking biggest events was supposed to take place.
Sooo...naturally I panicked and called one of the DJ's from down here and asked him to cover...he agreed and I replied in our private forum telling everyone...I get my ass chewed
I didnt want to let our team down or anything of that nature, so I chose to get the ball rolling, I was taught in the US Marines to improvise, adapt, and overcome and complete the mission
Well since then I have gotten emails where she is mad, tells me she quits, then another saying im sorry...I feel weird inside like I did something wrong but cant figure it out...
We have been fighting to bring back one of Houstons oldest rock stations when it was pulled and turned to warning, no nothing, just click!
It feels like a crappy day here in Houston, and I feel crappy to even though its like 75 degrees out and sunny...what did I do wrong?


Threaded List - Collapsed

Threaded List - Collapsed looks best


howto poll

OK. I admit I am a newbie when comes to these sorts of things.

How do I start a poll?
Is only the blog part implemented?

Whats a book?

Will we have forums here, too?

I agree.

I also like the blue theme.

DSL Blogs

This could get interesting ..

Seems I can only comment to this blog for now..

The entire dslos is looking great...
Good work!!

Embedded DSL

John, could you set some guidelines for your ambitions in this BLOG?

I am tempted to say something about DSL that would better belong in an appropriate section of the FORUMs, but I am tempted to be lazy and just say it here. Maybe I'll post here now, and there later?

Anyway, I think (Microsoft Windows-)Embedded DSL is waaaay cool. The main problem I've encountered is that the virtualization process seems to "hide" any formatted hard disk the PC has - and yes, even its floppy! Is there some hope that there will one day be a method for
passing data through disk files between embedded DSL and its Windows host?

I suppose one "work-around" is to run an FTP server on the Windows machine. Embedded DSL seems to have no problem reaching Web hosts on the Internet via the PC's LAN.

Embedded DSL is a great way to introduce users of a Windows machine to DSL. A local effort in which I place some hopes looks to give DSL-based PCs to needy folks for use at home. The ability to provide experience with DSL at a local library running Windows on its PCs would be a very welcome enabler of this ambition.


Just my two cents but the store needs a slight the way that order confirmation is handled. I ordered a whole package(minus the case)over the weekend and the transaction has not posted to my CC yet. Now I know that from talking to others that there is no confirmation email sent. I have no way of knowing whether or not there was a problem with the transaction.

While I dont know he costs etc behind running the store but isnt there a way to automate emails to say "hey we recieved your order" without a huge cost(if any)?

At any rate if I can help out with this process give me a holler..I'd love to help out in some way(considering I have below average scripting skills).

"You cannot wield it!"

Blog vs. Forums

Hi Docdtv,

Thanks for the input about Embedded...

To clarify, I do not think this is going to be a replacement for the DSL forum. If someone has a tech question PLEASE post it on the board. This blog software (Drupal) is very robust, but the way it manages entries is very linear. Information will get lost in here. The forums are much better for cooperative learning.

On the other hand, I think there is a lot that can be done in here by the community. For instance, the FAQ would be perfect in here as a 'book' entry. Or users could write about their experiences. This could also be regarded as a personal DSL space.

I am still working out the bugs.

But I think most things are working now.


I didn't log in, that's me above.

Thanks John

Thanks for the reply John! I hate to bug you guys as I know you are super busy and you must get a bunch of emails in the like vein.

Oh my gosh it is 1/4 to 6AM here and I'm up to go running before getting ready to goto I INSANE??!! I've got to give a presentation today at Ford Motor Company that they are taping fo the web to be streamed to employees around the world...GULP. Standing in front of people is one thing but cameras give me the willies. Wish me luck.

"You cannot wield it!"