Finally got a decent X-Server

After giving up on Xvesa I downloaded the old XBF Red Hat X-Server that has accelerators for the Neovision chipset and everything works great on my old thinkpad 560z. Fast scrolling... yeeha! :-) Looks like it uses a couple more MB of RAM but other than that it seems to start up just as fast or faster than Xfbdev. I had to remap the Delete & BackSpace keys using xmodmap, but no other problems so far.

Maybe I'll post details on the forums tomorrow if I get time. Happy happy happy! :-)

the last miles are the hardest

DSL is reaching its potential. With the hard limit of 50MB each additional improvement or feature enhancement grows harder to accomplish. Truth is the canvas will never be fully painted, but each new stroke is harder to place.

If DSL were a car I sort of see it like the old Porshe 911. I say that not because of it's speed, or power to weight ratio, but because of how the 911 evolved. For decades, the 911 kept to it's original design and made diligent improvements.

It has started.......

Last night I received two emails enquiring about PC's for poor families. Now that I have given away my first PC, the floodgates are being slowly opened. I only hope I can keep my head above water! I've had 3 inquiries all based off my first PC. As they say, word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. I will find out soon how well my OS design and documentation will hold up. Since one lady told me she didn't know what a modem was, I am guessing no amount of design or documentation is going to cover everything! :-)

Internet access will be the big thing. I am trying to find external modems in bulk but it isn't easy to find at a reasonable price. It is a selfish request but it would be great if DSL could natively support some of the common winmodems such is the case with MEPIS.

Goals for today

Hmm lets see...

1) write lecture proposals
2) make a .dsl of a forensic program
3)post it for the forensic community
4) pimp DSL
5) play in the Snow!

Fluxbox 0.9.11 status

So I built the latest fluxbox this past week, and it seems to be working great in DSL.
The 0.9.10 extension was sort of a rushed job, and I found a couple of glitches in it (my fault, not a fluxbox bug). I've got a few configuration tweaks to do for the extension, and I could put it together tomorrow....except I started thinking about making a new style to showcase some of the new features....

If it weren't for the fact that I spent the last 24 hours researching every possible option for fluxbox/init I might have already made a decent style....but such is life.

Software patents

Okay, I am going to let some of my personal opinions slip out here and there in this blog. Otherwise, what's the point?

So Coolworlddsl pointed out that some opportunist in Singapore is claiming to have invented a USB bootable OS when the method has been around since at least 1999.

4:10pm: at work, writing 3 progs & 1 blog, 1 hour till beer

Im running DSL on an old stinkpad 560z that my friend Jeff donated as being unuseable - 7 mins to boot an old bloated win2k! 64Mb RAM and no CD. Now it boots in a few seconds into DSL from HD, not that I shut it down very often. Suspend works great outside X so I just CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE, type sync and close the lid. When I open it up again and startx its all back in a couple fo secs. Picked up a 64Mb upgrade (~$25) and a refurb Dlink DWL 122 usb 802.11b dongle from tigerdirect ($20) and I now have a pretty mean box. The dongle works on my Tivo as well so I bought a couple.

So, now Ive got my lappy with DSL on hard disk, what to do next? Time for a prog methinks. Well, actually no time. After changing job, buying a house/car and getting married in the last couple of months Ive got almost no time at all. Still there is that 35min each way commute on the train... time enough for writing some progs on my lappy using DSL & gcc1.dsl.


Doh! I read too much /.

Hmmm... it says "The body of your blog is too short. You need at least 0 words to submit your blog."... 0 words? ....


yay that did it! seems like a strange requirement, but then Im new to blogging :-)

it's sad isn't it.

is it not sad that as of this day i am one of those self publicising morons that uses a blog?
aaaaah well, this blog will be used mostly to record my software developement and mydsl creation rather than for comments like: "my day was miserable".

No Computer Left Behind, Inc.

Well, the Linux revolution has officially begun with NCLB. After tonight I will have given out two Linux PC's. The first was VERY well received by the family. I am expecting the floodgates to open in the next one to two months. They may open in the next few weeks....I found out yesterday that some idiot(s) broke into a room within our company and stole 41 gifts that were purchased for needy children. I offered to work around the clock before Christmas, if needed, to supply PC's to any children that did not have a home PC.

I am hoping to start networking with area LUG organizations to provide Linux support in their communities for children/families that receive Linux PC's.