Well, last week at work was the first week back from vacation, if ya can grok that. It was mostly a slow week, my boss went to the indoctrination for the new RIP software powering our yet-installed Direct-to-plate system. This thing will make work so much easier, I may be out of a job. Maybe.

Things are speeding up on the network at work. The DNS/mail/webserver machine will be going live and handling company email within the next week or so. I'm pretty sure everything will be okay, but never having to do it for a company before, I'm a little anxious.

I've sent email from the server just fine but I can't receive email at that machine because the DNS points to our current hosting provider's machines. Kinda sucks because there really isn't any way I can test everything before we go live. I'm pretty sure the DNS has all of the correct information, but how the hell am I to know until we go live and something breaks.

The roughest part about it all is that email will be a little screwy for about 48 hours until the DNS populates, and then, if I've made a mistake, I have to correct it and hope it doesn't take another 48 hours for the corrections to take. Man, that'd suck.

Good news is that the webserver is running rock-solid. No problems with good old Apache.

I've set the whole system up on an old DEC-Alpha machine. It was a little different install than I was used to, but the DEC flies. I've had to compile a few apps from scratch and everything finishes in just a few minutes. If I go to compile something simple on it and it finishes instantaneously, it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

We got a new phone system in while I was out on vacation and the new phone box has music-on-hold. There's some pre-programmed crap on there that we promptly turned off. Chris told me that there's a mini-jack plugin where we can pipe in our own music for the hold-system. Since the phone box is next to the server rack, I'm gonna scp some ogg's over to one of the servers and ogg123 -z /path/to/oggs and run a line from the soundcard's audio out to the phone box and voila. Instant, infinte loop, custom hold music. I need to put some Glenn Miller on there definitely.