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Gonna be a daddy!

I keep forgetting that I have a blog setup here, anyways...

I've already posted this in the forums, but I thought I'd share here, as well. Hell, I'm telling everybody that'll listen. I'm gonna be a daddy!

Christmas morning, my wife woke me to inform me that she was pregnant. You really needed to be there, but suffice it to say that I jumped up and down like a madman, shouting WHOOHOO! and other unintelligible inanities.

I'm gonna be a daddy. I'm so excited I haven't really thought it though well enough to be terrified yet. Oh well.

My wife is going to the doctor tomorrow afternoon to get the lowdown and make sure that everything is physically copacetic up until this point. I'm so wired.


Well, last week at work was the first week back from vacation, if ya can grok that. It was mostly a slow week, my boss went to the indoctrination for the new RIP software powering our yet-installed Direct-to-plate system. This thing will make work so much easier, I may be out of a job. Maybe.

Things are speeding up on the network at work. The DNS/mail/webserver machine will be going live and handling company email within the next week or so. I'm pretty sure everything will be okay, but never having to do it for a company before, I'm a little anxious.

I've sent email from the server just fine but I can't receive email at that machine because the DNS points to our current hosting provider's machines. Kinda sucks because there really isn't any way I can test everything before we go live. I'm pretty sure the DNS has all of the correct information, but how the hell am I to know until we go live and something breaks.

I thought the forums were slowing down a bit...

I decided to go ahead and get a journal account. I'd commented on a couple of entries before as Anonymous but had my comments deleted. I went to make another comment on "Flaming" today and thought, "You know, if they don't like it, they'll probably just delete it again. Might as well start up your own account and mirror the comments in your own articles so that at least your opinions will still stand if someone decides to get all delete-happy again."

Well, probably not those words exactly, but most of 'em. The general gist of 'em, at any rate.

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