I thought the forums were slowing down a bit...

I decided to go ahead and get a journal account. I'd commented on a couple of entries before as Anonymous but had my comments deleted. I went to make another comment on "Flaming" today and thought, "You know, if they don't like it, they'll probably just delete it again. Might as well start up your own account and mirror the comments in your own articles so that at least your opinions will still stand if someone decides to get all delete-happy again."

Well, probably not those words exactly, but most of 'em. The general gist of 'em, at any rate.

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Hi Grim,
What was deleted? SU and tronik both have moderator status, and I know they've been keeping an eye on book entries. I've only deleted an angry flame and a spam post in here so far. Anyway, I am glad you got your own blog here, you have
a lot to say.

Thinking in Linux

I'm pretty sure I was the "flame" in http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/talk/node/34#comment that got deleted. It's no big deal, but I'll probably write my own thoughts that differ somewhat from what Mikshaw had to say.

Now, it's a good possibility that I didn't hit Post Comment, or that some weird snafu occurred, but it's also possible that I stepped on the wrong toes and got my comment deleted. That's fine. I always have my website where I can post whatever I want.

No hard feelings one way or the other. = )

-Philip McClure