Gonna be a daddy!

I keep forgetting that I have a blog setup here, anyways...

I've already posted this in the forums, but I thought I'd share here, as well. Hell, I'm telling everybody that'll listen. I'm gonna be a daddy!

Christmas morning, my wife woke me to inform me that she was pregnant. You really needed to be there, but suffice it to say that I jumped up and down like a madman, shouting WHOOHOO! and other unintelligible inanities.

I'm gonna be a daddy. I'm so excited I haven't really thought it though well enough to be terrified yet. Oh well.

My wife is going to the doctor tomorrow afternoon to get the lowdown and make sure that everything is physically copacetic up until this point. I'm so wired.

I need to go to sleep, but, already, I'm dying to see what the doctor says.

Say a prayer for me and mine if you get a chance. We definitely need it.

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Grim that is great, being a father is a great experience. It also has a way of making you put things in perspective.

You end up raising to what it takes, just have faith that you can. Just make sure you slow down enough to appresiate each stage, they go by fast.

you'll love it!

i just became a dad a little over a month ago. you're going to love it!!! we have a beautiful daughter that keeps us up at night, wants to eat all the time, and needs her diaper changed about 5 or 6 times a day. i wouldn't trade this time for the world...... :-)