fluxbox-0.9.12 status

First test of fluxbox 0.9.12 ended in slight disappointment. The actual compile was a little annoying until I finally got imlib2 using the proper version of freetype and fluxbox finding them both without an ld wrapper.
After successfully building and moving it into DSL I realized that the addition of Imlib and libFreetype is probably not the best idea. Together they are 750k stripped, which is nearly the size of fluxbox itself. I'm not sure it's worth it just for the ability to add png and jpg images to your interface (xpm is already supported).

Another feature is a Tab action which allows you to jump to specified tabs.

Otherwise this release seems to be mostly bug fixes, so the extension may seem like no improvement to some people. I'll have a better idea after some testing.

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Tried pekwm?

Tabbed stackable windows, multiple virtual desktops, snap to border, themeable and configurable titlebar, buttons and borders...

Easily configurable: my windows have no borders and only one button, that if clicked with the main mouse button iconize the window. The secondary button close it, and the middle one kills it. I use alt+click to move or change size.

Combined with rox-filer, it rocks (roxs?).

Greetings from MakodFilu