that iRiver mp3 player

SaidinUnleashed, that iRiver music player *does* look very nice! So, let me get this strait, it is cheaper than the pod, plays mp3, ogg, avi and wav? Wow, so I could potentially rip dvds and play them on an iRiver H320. And it has 20Gigs so that could be a lot of potential video too. Very nice! That H340 is a bit steep for my blood, but maybe it will come down in price? iRiver is an interesting company, I like that ultra small music player they have -- it looks like it isn't much larger than a USB pen drive yet it has a color display and a built in FM tuner.

Still, I think I need a big player with a large hard drive, I mean, what's the point unless you could take your favorite music and a couple of vids with you? I guess they have to downplay the iRiver's ability to play avi files, but to me that is nearly as strong a selling point as portable music. How is the base on these things?