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271 trojans and virus infection

So a buddy of mine likes to surf the web in Microsoft XP and MSIE. It turns out that his system has 271 known trojans all churning along. I asked him if he has had any credit card issues lately and he said yes. I asked him if he uses Outlook, and he said yes again. I asked him if he ever opens up attachments, and he said "Yes, but only from people I know."

Honestly, he is an idiot. How could these MS users use the most vulnerable programs known to be susceptible to trojans and viruses yet not take any precautions?

Roomba -- robot vacuum or remote control frizbee?

Does the Roomba actually work? I mean, it looks like a cute gadget, but will it actually do what its promoters promise? Can I plug it in, just let it do its thing and have a clean floor? I have a dog, and I am worried that he might think it is a toy and try to chew on it. The thing does look like a low flying frizbee. In that informercial they have a woman kicking back when her Roomba sucks all the dirt off her floor, but I think it makes more sense for a single guy to have one of these, why clean when you can have a machine do it for you? That's if the Roomba actually does work and I could keep the dog away :-).

that iRiver mp3 player

SaidinUnleashed, that iRiver music player *does* look very nice! So, let me get this strait, it is cheaper than the pod, plays mp3, ogg, avi and wav? Wow, so I could potentially rip dvds and play them on an iRiver H320. And it has 20Gigs so that could be a lot of potential video too. Very nice! That H340 is a bit steep for my blood, but maybe it will come down in price? iRiver is an interesting company, I like that ultra small music player they have -- it looks like it isn't much larger than a USB pen drive yet it has a color display and a built in FM tuner.

Still, I think I need a big player with a large hard drive, I mean, what's the point unless you could take your favorite music and a couple of vids with you? I guess they have to downplay the iRiver's ability to play avi files, but to me that is nearly as strong a selling point as portable music.

old computer data recovery

Today I used DSL to pull off some old .doc files from an ancient hard-drive which was mountable, but didn't seem to be bootable anymore. I must say that Damn Small seemed very handy for data recovery on this old computer because it didn't suck up all the ram. It makes me wonder what the professional computer data recovery specialists are using? Maybe they keep dsl in their back pocket? It is very cool to use Linux to recover a Windows drive.

I'm going to buy an iPod

Some how I don't feel right about buying it, but those little iPods, with their small form factor and 20GB of space, are just what I need to have my music with me in the car and at the office. Really, I do not trust my employer not to snoop around on my PC, so I better take my mp3's with me. I've noticed that there are special addition iPods like that U2 ipod version or fancy color ones -- I am not going to go for any of that, it goes against my sensibilities. Yet, I really think Apple did something very smart with this little music player.

I wonder what is inside the ipod? Is it a ppc board? I imagine people will be putting Linux on there eventually.

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