I'm going to buy an iPod

Some how I don't feel right about buying it, but those little iPods, with their small form factor and 20GB of space, are just what I need to have my music with me in the car and at the office. Really, I do not trust my employer not to snoop around on my PC, so I better take my mp3's with me. I've noticed that there are special addition iPods like that U2 ipod version or fancy color ones -- I am not going to go for any of that, it goes against my sensibilities. Yet, I really think Apple did something very smart with this little music player.

I wonder what is inside the ipod? Is it a ppc board? I imagine people will be putting Linux on there eventually. Speaking of which, these ipods should be mountable so that I can easily put my music on them from my Linux PC?

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You're just in time...

Well now would be a good time to do it ;) But they've already put Linux on the Ipod. check out www.ipodlinux.org

Yes Ipods do seem pretty amazing...Its a really expensive hard drive...

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Have you considered an iRiver?

Have you considered something from the iRiver H300 series?

They are cheaper than the ipod, play more filetypes, and are 100% linux compatible. no tweaks required. Not to mention all the cool features. And I think the iriver has better sound than the ipod. and that's saying a lot!

And, if you dump the crappy US firmware for the Korean firmware, you can play .avi movies on it, and yes, everything is still in english.

I highly recommend the iRiver h3X0 with the K firmware. it rocks.


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