TestGUI nears initial release

Ive been making progress on my pet project TrainGUI. First off Ive renamed it TestGUI as I have done some work on it other than during my commute to/from work. Yes I know its still a pretty name - maybe someone will suggest something better?

Ive upgraded to the latest fltk-1.1.6 and FLU-2.14 libraries and ported to WIN32 as well as DSL. Compiles under Visual Studio .NET and works great with ActiveState Perl :-)

Plenty of stuff left to do, I still need to be able to allow properties changed in the GUI to affect the controls themselves, and although Im supporting the entire FLTK widget set only a few fire any events. Still I guess I can fill in things like that later once I have the skeleton in place.

Im sure some people are going to object to this 'old world inside-out' way of extending Perl by embedding the perl interpreter rather than extending perl via XSUBs, but TestGUI isnt just a perl extension - Its a GUI application builder with scripting in Perl, and I think thats different :-)

Anyway, current plan is to throw a couple of binaries onto a website and see what the feedback is like. Its early days and Im pretty flexible.

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Give it a whirl...

I put a tar of the debug binary & source up on the web for anyone to try out...


mkdir testgui0001
mv tg0001.tgz testgui0001
cd testgui0001
tar xvfz tg0001.tgz

To run it type...


Right mouse on the blank window will give a popup menu for creating controls. Only button & input controls generate useful click/enter events right now. Plan is to add the rest incrementally.

To try a simple example, create a window with a button and an input box. Select the button, select the click event on the main design window then type $input1->value("bork"); then run it. If you click the button then "bork" should apear in the text box. :-)

Lemme know what you think. Im not sure where to take the project from here.

I tried it. As i understand,

I tried it.
As i understand, the a.out is a fltk-perl interpreter, it runs test.pl which is the guibuilder program?
Is it posible to have testGUI genarate "standalone" scripts, reading the test.pl i found it s posible to use: a.out -run myprg.pl?
If and how can we "use" perlmodules?
Do you know a how to disable the ESC key to close the main window?
Maybe i will like it. I hope you are not going to improve it until it becomes "Visual-Perl".

You got it :-)

The a.out binary is an fltk application that executes perl routines when events occur. Some of the non-GUI routines such as saving/loading projects or generating code are performed by supporting perl routines contained in test.pl.

You should be able to use regular perl modules that are already installed in your system. I have tried this but I dont see why it wont work. You cant use the permodules from the application because there arent any... its an application that executes perl subroutines rather than a bunch of perl extensions. It should be possible to generate code that could use such extensions if they were available, or even for other languages (i.e. fltk-lua) but Im not thinking of heading much in that direction right now.

a.out -run myprog.pl will run your myprog.pl code file. At some point I'll try and get #! scripts to work as well.

> Do you know a how to disable the ESC key to close the main window?

I'll try and fix that soon. I didnt even know it did that :-)

This sort of feedback is very useful. Im still wondering if I should set up a project page and if Source Forge is the best place, or indeed if its worth extending the app past my own requirements.