flat screens + mini-itx

One project I want to do when I have a little break is to get either an Epia 5000 or maybe an ME 6000 and attach it to the back of a flat-screen. It should be relatively simple to do.

The idea behind it is to have the board chug along behind the screen invisible, silent and slim. I imagine that something like that would make a very good net cruiser, or a living room computer where silence is more important than CPU horsepower. If I end up building it I'll be sure to put up some pics.

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Sounds cool. I am not as technicaly inclined as some so excuse my ignorance. I have seen these soekris boards being used for a lot of wifi ad-hoc/grid networking projects. Set it up with like a 802.11g and put dsl on a cf card and that might make a hell of a entertainment system. Can you wifi those minis?
I recently read about Freevo, awesome pvr software with a great plug in system. Bet it would be a great .dsl package.
Last year, a buddy of mine bought some plans off the net to turn a 15" lcd into a projector with up to a 60" display area. Worked nicely, was easy to assemble, and cost around $400. Best part was the bulb could be purchased at many hardware stores for like $50, way less expensive than usual projector bulbs.

It would be cool to have a dsl box hooked up to that.

those plans

>From a 15" lcd to a projector with up to a 60" display area

Wow, I wonder how that works.

Those Soekris boards seem pretty cool, they are really small. But they seem a little weak on the processor side and they are expensive. I think the nano-itx boards will be the killer app for DSL when they finally role out

where do i get a board like that???

john i need a board like that i'm tired of waking up my mom and dad by starting the computer that i myself built from scratch cause they wouldn't buy me one i'm in toronto ontario and would like to know the nearest place to buy one of these so i can use my computer without all of the constant noise!!