Beat 'em over the head.

Okay, I know I said I'm very anti-flame (when it's not deserved) but sometimes it just needs to be done.

And I swear the next time I see a "zOMG!!!1 my usb wont boot!!! haaaaalp!!1!111" thread, or someone comes begging with that question in IRC, that someone it going to feel the fire.

There have been at least 50(!!!) poeple over the last 2 weeks who have either made new threads, sometimes when the most recently posted-in thread was the EXACT same f%&*ing topic, or come crying to the irc, because they were too lazy to get a pencil and paper and a calculator and do the work themselves.

We made the instructions in the Docs so that YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELVES. We do not want to have to do it all the time for every d&#$ newb that comes through the door.

DSL has Xcalc, and several editors for you to take the notes, if you dont have paper. And the math is simple multiplication. You have no excuses.



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I concur...

I concur...and I think this is the best place for that kind of talk, since this is your blog..and its about DSL...but I don't like to make those statements on IRC or the forums...thats just me.

Once the documentation project gets more complete, (and perhaps we should maybe reformat the way the actual information is presented inside of the docs...) it will be a lot easier to just say 'visit here' and send them on their merry way. then if they need any clarification they can simply ask..but the meat should be on the bones, so they wont be needing very many scraps.

Just going through the Doc project we've started provides a wealth of knowledge, the only thing is there is probably a way to format it inside the faqs that makes searching it with your eyes easier, as most of the newbs are lazy...can you blame them? ;\ Its hard to get people out of their comfort zones. But anyway..Hopefully here pretty soon we can donate more time to the Doc project and get that shinied up some more and add some more content...

tronik @ #damnsmalllinux

i know...

I was just ranting, venting, whatever.

Seemed like a good place ^_^

Deep Thought was wrong. The Answer isn't 42, it's DSL!