I asked my daughter...

(she is four)

Do you like Linux?


Do you like Windows?


What do you like?


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Cute =)

Thats so cute.

tronik @ #damnsmalllinux irc.freenode.net

My daughter agrees (3 years o

My daughter agrees (3 years old) so i think we need more princesses in DSL!

"The Clown Game"

I have twin 5yr old girls and they actually know what Linux is! Of course it is because of the "clown game" (CircusLinux). The girls' computer has only Linux on it. They love CircusLinux and GCompris. Anyone with small children should introduce them to GCompris. It has tons of games starting with one as simple as learning to move a mouse. It has taught my girls alot and now they almost never ask dad for help starting a game.

Oh, and by the way, that PC ran over 3 months with two 5yr olds messing with it before it needed a reboot(P133 40mb ram)! How about that.

One would actually prefer Princesses but the other only wants to play basketball and football!


My three year old daughter didn't like GCompris as much as she likes SuperTux. We aren't really a pc game family, strictly consoles 'round here. My stepson, 11, booted the box up to DSL by mistake one day. He used OO.o to do some homework and saved it to floppy. I was amazed.Too bad he saved it in the native format and the teacher couldn't read it.