Messing around with cbagger's mkwriteable script, and came up with something that allows the user to specify which directories to open up. I figure this could be useful for someone who is sensitive to RAM usage but also wants to be able to write to a particular directory or directories.

This hasn't been thoroughly tested, but it seems to work.

grep ^all $checkfile && exit
do_bin() {
cp -srd /KNOPPIX/bin/ /ramdisk
ln -sf /ramdisk/bin /
echo "bin" >> $checkfile
do_boot() {
cp -srd /KNOPPIX/boot/ /ramdisk
ln -sf /ramdisk/boot /
echo "boot" >> $checkfile
do_lib() {
cp -srd /KNOPPIX/lib/ /ramdisk
ln -sf /ramdisk/lib /
echo "lib" >> $checkfile
do_sbin() {
cp -srd /KNOPPIX/sbin/ /ramdisk
ln -sf /ramdisk/sbin /
echo "sbin" >> $checkfile
do_usr() {
cp -srd /KNOPPIX/usr/ /ramdisk
ln -sf /ramdisk/usr/X11R6/lib/X11 /ramdisk/usr/lib/
ln -sf /ramdisk/usr /
echo "usr" >> $checkfile
do_all() {
grep ^bin $checkfile || do_bin
grep ^boot $checkfile || do_boot
grep ^lib $checkfile || do_lib
grep ^sbin $checkfile || do_sbin
grep ^usr $checkfile || do_usr
cp -srd /KNOPPIX/var/cache/apt/ /ramdisk/var/cache
rm -rf /ramdisk/var/cache/apt/archives/lock
cp /KNOPPIX/var/cache/apt/archives/lock /ramdisk/var/cache/apt/archives
rm -rf /ramdisk/var/lib/apt
cp -srd /KNOPPIX/var/lib/apt/ /ramdisk/var/lib
rm -f /var/lib/dpkg
echo "all" > $checkfile
[ ! "$ARGS" ] && do_all
for arg in bin boot lib sbin usr; do
check_args=`echo $ARGS | grep -w $arg`
check_done=`grep ^$arg $checkfile`
if [ "$check_args" ]; then
[ ! "$check_done" ] && do_$arg

If the script is launched with no arguments, it should behave in basically the same way as the original.

Arguments are

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Very cool.

Thats very cool mikshaw, thanks for posting that. I'll add it to the documentation. I had written one for myself also, since my laptop has 32 megs of ram and i can rarely use any mydsls. =) This will be good for low ram users who with to use extensions. Thanks!

tronik @ #damnsmalllinux

nice job

It's always a pleasure seeing your work.