Websense is hogging up my pc in Digital Electronics

Well, I don't really know if anyone else has the same problems I'm having at school. Your probably not but my school and maybe yours is going through a wierd security upgrade.

The "thing" causing this problem is called Websense, a program that checks a website before it allows you to access it, very rarely this happens, or it just declines it and blocks it off, extremely common.

The bad thing about it is that it has blocked just about every website that my friends and I have been trying to get to. They've blocked Miniclip, Ebaumsworld, even CHSRobotics, which is a website that I made for the school itself. I mean they have everything restricted. And it always gives some reason as to blocking it, although it usually is some off the wall reason, like yesterday (04/25/05), I was trying to go to Programmers Heaven.com, and it came up with "This website has been blocked by Websense. Reason = Religious Cult Activation and Suspicious Drug Abuse. ". I didn't know that over night the publishers turned into a crackhead KKK group ( No offense to all those of African American race. ).

I don't know about you, but if this keeps up, I'm thinking about completely wrecking all the stupid computers in our school. I mean what good is Windows95, with all the normal restrictions of a computer, added along with it Websense.

The last thing is if someone is reading this right now, please if you have had this problem and you know how to get around it or disable it, please tell me. My E-mail is vb_virus101@yahoo.com .


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wow, thats pretty stupid. My school is way to crappy to have such a system imposed, they might have to pay money!

Windows 98 has to be the crappest operating system still in fairly mass use, **good thing my school is on windows NT** (scarcastically for anyone who'd even dream of me premoting NT)

Have you tried using a cloaking website of some kind, thats about my best thoughts on getting around it.

Does it let you use google/other search engines??
because it'd be useless without search engines, and you can pull up tons of pages about crackhead KKK whorehouses from google (i would assume)...

lol, luckiness is a virtue

Yea I'd say Websense is pretty stupid. And yes Win98 is still crappy but I'm not complaining because I got a Trojan actually working on one.

The thing about google, it will let me use it, but still if it picks up in the meta tags of the site something like, um... Games or Fun, it will block them. Also if it sees anything dealing with religion or it will block it. So yea they work but still some of the pages can be blocked.

Also, if your caught going to the same site over and over again, it will in return block it except for the Pittsylvania County Website, which is all our schools websites in the area. But really we're not the only school that has it.

The crackhead whorehouses from google, um... lol they worked as in not being blocked so I just don't really know what to say now cause I'm confused as sh*t.

Oh well, if you can figure out anything about it I would gladly accept your advice chickenman.



try a cloaking site

or maybe try this (this is probably better actually): http://www.perlscriptsjavascripts.com/js/meta_cloak.html

but the site blocker probably looks for "cloak" so i'd rip that out of their code if i was you -its illegal to remove the "cloak" tag, but i'd tell them where they can put it.

stupid school computers

Who was the sys admin? Usually school(especially private schools) sys admins don't know half of what they were doing. My school thought they had a virus so the put ten different McAfee programs on them which run in memory and slow the computers down. Of course they didn't have a virus but left McAfee there anyway. Most of the time their WinXP machines run slower than my win98 machine. :\ Sad, really.