Donation for good DSL work offered, who wants participate?

Hi everybody,

I have been working parallely with my daily work with DLS Linux and find it really nice collection of compact functionality. I have not enough time nor experience to go forward as fast as I would like to and would like to ask whether anybody of this community would be interested in making this work for me. I am ready to compensate the work with cash, of course. My requirements are simply the following:
- DSL Linux
- My specific Background Picture
- Mozilla Firefox Browser with the following plu+ins working:
- Macromedia Flash
- WM9 streaming video Support
- Real Audio/Video Streaming Support
- MPG1/MPG2/MPG4/DiVx Player
- start up with "Linux Starting... Please Wait" message instead of standard command line messages.
- Network, Desktop etc. Configuration/Setup with storage values into flash drive (to avoid set-up of network every time started and booting with these once set up values.
Easy install package of the above functionality (I have already worked a little with your code and can get most of these up and running but would like to propose compensation for you to help me to get a quicker start than what I am capable of doing myself ;-)).
- Documentation: Simple Step by step instructions how to work further with the above.

Kindly offer your working skills for me at

Kind Regards

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that shouldn't be too hard to make, I could just about do it myself apart from the loading thing. If you backup to a flash drive then you can make it backup the desktop data (background picture) by adding "/home/dsl/.fluxbox" to /home/dsl/filetool.lst then backup to flash drive.

Firefox is on the latestversion of DSL allready...
you need to install thoes plugins then add "/home/dsl/.mozilla" to /home/dsl/filetool.lst (i think it may be hard to find WM9 support but anyway...)

then just put the following .dsl files on the cd:
-samba -for networking with windows (if you want it)
-xine -plays videos etc

and thats mostly it, its really quite simple and i'm not going to take your money. But i will say that you'll want a new version for every new version of DSL that comes out as i suspect to get rid of the verbose loading messages you'll have to mess around immensly. (with what i dont know -try the forums maybe)