Questions from a Linux Newbie, Not to Bright

I am tired of Windows XP. I would like to know if:
1) Can I down load Open Office?
2) Will I be able to search the web without problems.

I have a Lap top, with 4.2 Gigabyte and
Amd 360Mgh / 160 ram. I am tired of rebooting windows. This last time the CPU will not power down to 4 to 16% at stand still. I have been studing the Linux for a while. I have no Idea of programing or strings ect. but I have heard nothing but good from others. I will in time be using AutoCad also so I need something I can rely on. I also have a wirerless card for total mobility. I am also interested in Linux as a whole.

Thanks, Beekers

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mmm, probably

Yes DSL should run fine on that hardware, Open Office will fit on the hard disk but i dont know just how well it'll run on your RAM and CPU. Chances are it will be ok. Firefox should run on your system but dillo will run faster and isn't that much worse really -both can search the net just fine.

Please note that this type of question should be asked in the forums provided. Please do not ask anymore "technical" questions in the talk section, chances are you wont get an answer at all because the forum is the place for them.

newbie, not to bright

Sorry about the content, as I said before, I am new to all this. If someone could help me delete the above blog I would apreceate it.
I will only ask questions in the forums. Thanks once again, beekers


I wouldn't worry about it, you're defiantly not the first to ask a technical question in the talk section and if the post annoys anybody too much they can worry about deleting it. Plus leaving this post here may serve as an example to others...


Hi, I run DSL on an ancient 266mhz 96ram 3gig HD better than the first day I got it with win98. Open office runs fine, write papers, surf the net, and play music. I also hook up an external HD with no problem. I'm a newbie too and I'm so fed up with windows. I don't know programming but I'm learning a bit here. I love using my laptop now and it's so fast that I don't want to look back. One thing I had to change was getting a linux compatible wireless card. Netgear doesn't work on it, but I'll figure that out someday when I master the manual :)