Good ol Linux

My laptop is running great on DSL and this thing is pretty old (cyrix 266, 96ram and 3gb hd) so who needs a new laptop anymore! I'm gonna blow a that thousand bucks on a vacation.
I have an old 486 computer with 16 ram and 1 gb harddrive. I think I will install DSL on it, make it work, and give it as a present to an elderly friend. He's 80 something years old retired professor from Columbia. He is currently using windows xp and has had many major problems with it. I don't know what the heck he clicks on that computer when on the net but his system keeps on blowing up. I think he'll feel better with a linux system given that it will be subjected to much less sabotage. He was a professor, I'm sure he can learn to use it.

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Maybe your prof friend could use MS-VPC

Maybe your Prof friend could use the "How to Install DSL on a MS-VPC Virtual Hard Drive", blog I just wrote, and do all of his web surfing from FireFox or Dillo. That way the Inet will not be so subject to blowing up his Windows XP install.

This is the reason I went this route with DSL, because I was getting really tired of the Inet blowing up and infecting my Window's 2000 box from the results of bunches of web surfing and other moronic ;) occupations on the Web.

It is quicker and easier to reinstall DSL on MS-VPC than reinstall Windows 2000 when I get hacked, trojaned, wormed, or otherwise infected. And I get the benefits of not wondering where my DSL LiveCD's went all the time. I keep the DSL-1.4 ISO file installed on a couple of my window's boxes so I can network copy and install it to MS-VPC from my hard drive.

Just a thought and a suggestion.

Oh, some of my old boxes are 233MMX machines with only 96Mb on 2.4GB... DSL is maybe great for them installed natively to hard disk, etc.

Have fun, enjoy.

Chris Flamig