DSL scripts list

This is a list of scripts used in DSL as of version 1.5
The list does not include all scripts, but only those that
were created or modified specifically for DSL. The main
reason this was made is because I often refer to these
scripts to learn more about scripting myself, and to
better understand how DSL works. I thought it might also
be useful to others who are interested in learning the
details of DSL behavior. This list is probably not a full
representation of all DSL scripts, and will require edits.
Any additions and corrections are welcome.
Thanks goes out in particular to Robert Shingledecker,
whose hard work on most of these scripts has given DSL
life beyond that of a mere live CD.

filename [author] [language]
/etc/init.d/ansi.lua [Robert Shingledecker?] [Lua]
Add some color to your output!

/etc/init.d/dsl-config [Robert Shingledecker] [Bourne shell]
Script for DSL Linux Extenstions and modifications at boot time

/etc/init.d/dsl-functions [Klaus Knopper, Robert Shingledecker, Peter Sieg, henk.1955] [Bourne shell]
Functions for several DSL scripts

/etc/init.d/dsl-restore.sh [Robert Shingledecker] [Bash]
A non-interactive script to restore configs, directories, etc defined by the user

/etc/init.d/functions.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua]
Functions for DSL scripts

/etc/init.d/knoppix-autoconfig [Klaus Knopper] [Bash]
Basic system configuration and hardware setup

/etc/init.d/mkmydslmenu.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
Writes myDSL extensions to Fluxbox menu

/etc/init.d/mkwriteable [cbagger01, Robert Shingledecker] [Bourne shell]
Makes directories writeable in addition to those that are writeable in default DSL system

/etc/init.d/mountci [Robert Shingledecker] [Bourne shell]
Mounts and unmounts *.uci extensions

/etc/init.d/mydsl-install [Robert Shingledecker] [Bourne shell]
Installs *.dsl and *.tar.gz extensions, and *.deb packages

/etc/init.d/rmmydslmenu.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua]
Removes myDSL extensions from Fluxbox menu

/etc/init.d/sethostname [henk.1955] [Bourne Shell]
Sets hostname from the 'hostname=' boot option

/etc/init.d/updmydslmenu.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
Updates myDSL menu??

/opt/.dslrc [configuration file]
Specifies a mirror site and protocol for DSL downloads

/opt/.grab_flash [?] [Bourne shell]
Downloads and installs the Flash plugin for Firefox

/opt/.mydsl_dir [configuration file]
Specifies a target directory for myDSL downloads

/opt/.start_synaptic [cbagger01] [Bourne shell]
Wrapper for Synaptic - runs dpkg-restore if not already installed

/usr/bin/cleanIcons.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua]
Removes non anchor (?) icons

/usr/bin/cleanMenu.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua]
Removes myDSL and optional sections from .fluxbox menu

/usr/bin/cleanMyDSL.sh [Robert Shingledecker] [Bourne shell]
Wrapper for cleanIcons.lua and cleanMenu.lua

/usr/bin/dslrc.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua]
Returns mirror and/or protocol from /opt/.dslrc

/usr/bin/enhance [John Andrews] [Perl]
Loads icons and dockapps

/usr/bin/iconsnap.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua]
Layout manager for xtdesk icons

/usr/bin/iconsnap.sh [Robert Shingledecker] [Bourne shell]
Wrapper for iconsnap.lua

/usr/bin/mydsl-load [Robert Shingledecker] [Bourne shell]
Begins the process of installing/mounting a myDSL extension

/usr/bin/mydsl-wget [Robert Shingledecker] [Bourne shell]
Retrieves myDSL extensions from the internet

/usr/bin/mydslBrowser.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
Interface for accessing myDSL extensions online -- launched from mydslPanel.lua

/usr/bin/mydslDownload.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
Retrieves myDSL extensions -- launched from mydslInfo.lua

/usr/bin/mydslInfo.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
Views myDSL info files online -- launched from mydslBrowser.lua

/usr/bin/mydslPanel.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
Interface to select specific category of myDSL extensions online

/usr/bin/webdata [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
Backup/restore to WebSpace via ftp

/usr/bin/xtdeskRestart.sh [Robert Shingledecker?] [Bourne shell]
Refreshes desktop icons

/usr/local/bin/add2filetool.sh [Robert Shingledecker] [Bash]
Adds specified file(s) to filetool.lst

/usr/local/bin/calendar.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
DSL Calendar View/Edit/Enter Events

/usr/local/bin/datetool.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua]
GUI frontend to the date and hwclock commands

/usr/local/bin/dsl-usbinstall [Robert Shingledecker] [Bourne shell]
Fetch and run the script to make the DSL USB Edition

/usr/local/bin/dslMirror.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
GUI frontend to /opt/.dslrc

/usr/local/bin/dslMirrorSel.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
Mirror selector, normally called from dslMirror.lua

/usr/local/bin/getman [John Andrews] [Perl]
Interactive script to pass argument to man script

/usr/local/bin/getword [John Andrews] [Perl]
Interactive script to pass argument to dictionary script

/usr/local/bin/iwconfig_setup [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
iwconfig setup gui

/usr/local/bin/m3u.lua [John Andrews] [Lua-FLTK]
Playlist plugin script for media.flua

/usr/local/bin/man [John Andrews] [Perl]
Man utility substitute

/usr/local/bin/ndissetup [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
Ndiswrapper setup

/usr/local/bin/prism2.sh [?] [Bourne shell]
Wireless Card config for prism2 chipset

/usr/local/bin/prism2_setup [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
Prism2 setup gui

/usr/local/bin/rdesktop.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
GUI frontend to rdesktop

/usr/local/bin/smbclient.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
Interface for smbclient (accesses Samba shares)

/usr/local/bin/sqlitebook.pl [John Andrews] [Perl]
Does the thing with the things, and...stuff...??

/usr/local/bin/stats.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
System stats

/usr/local/bin/wallpaper.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
Background selector

/usr/local/bin/wordview.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
GUI frontend to Word viewer (antiword, ps2pdf, gvu)

/usr/sbin/addusers.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
GUI frontend for useradd and deluser

/usr/sbin/backup_device.sh [Robert Shingledecker] [Bash]
Specify device for file restoration

/usr/sbin/cpanel [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
Interface for various system configurations

/usr/sbin/dpkg-restore [Robert Shingledecker] [Bourne shell]
Installs dpkg myDSL extension and updates apt-get

/usr/sbin/dsl-hdinstall [Christian Perle, J.P. Nimmo (SaidinUnleashed)] [Bash]
Modification of Knoppix harddrive install script

/usr/sbin/dsl-installboot [Robert Shingledecker] [Bash]
Installs bootloader, called from dsl-hdinstall

/usr/sbin/dsl-usbinstall [Robert Shingledecker] [Bourne shell]
Fetch and run the script to make the DSL USB Edition (frugal_usb.sh)

/usr/sbin/dslinstall [Robert Shingledecker?] [Lua]
Interface for the various DSL-install scripts

/usr/sbin/filetool.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
GUI frontend to filetool.sh

/usr/sbin/filetool.sh [Robert Shingledecker] [Bash]
Save/restore configs, directories, etc., defined by the user in the file filetool.lst

/usr/sbin/frugal_grub.sh [Robert Shingledecker] [Bash]
Frugal Grub install

/usr/sbin/frugal_install.sh [Terry Gray, Robert Shingledecker] [Bash]
Do a frugal install of DSL from liveCD or ISO file (local or web)

/usr/sbin/gnu-utils-restore [Robert Shingledecker] [Bourne shell]
Upgrades DSL from Busybox to GNU Utils

/usr/sbin/mkmydsl [Robert Shingledecker] [Bourne shell]
Create and burn a new DSL disk including myDSL extensions

/usr/sbin/pendrive_usbhdd.sh [Robert Shingledecker, cbagger01] [Bash]
USB-HDD boot install/upgrade

/usr/sbin/pendrive_usbzip.sh [Robert Shingledecker] [Bourne shell]
USB-ZIP boot install/upgrade

/usr/sbin/pppdial [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
GUI frontend to Dial-up PPP utilites

/usr/sbin/swapfile.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
GUI frontend for making a swapfile (dd, mkswap, swapon)

/usr/sbin/xvesa.lua [Robert Shingledecker] [Lua-FLTK]
Write a new .xserverrc file from current X settings?

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Thanks mikshaw, I never realized how extensive
it was.Time for a good snuffle-through!

A great list, thanks mikshaw.

A great list, thanks mikshaw. I found a few more using grep:


oh and the /linuxrc in the initrd is pretty important too (not quite as easy to get to though)


Thank you friedgold...they've been added.

DSL scripts list

updated for DSL 1.3

DSL scripts list updated

updated for DSL 1.5