kicking a small chemical addiction today

It may be trivial to those of you who've been tide to something stronger/more dangerous, but today I am kicking caffeine out of my system.

It was getting ridiculous, to the point where I need 12 cups of coffee a day just to keep from getting a splitting headache. So, today I quite. I had my last cup 18 hours ago. I am doing all right so far, I'm just taking Tylenol for the headache and I've been wanting to sleep a lot.

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day 5

Day 5, and it isn't as easy as I thought it would be, I'm still getting those incurable headaches. The odd thing is that day 4 was easier than today. Everybody I asked said it takes about a week for the nasty effects to end -- so I am on the downhill slide :).

mmm caffiene

Recently quit drinking caffinated things myself.

The headaches lasted about 10 days for me, but now I feel better than I have since before I started college.

It's worth it!


Deep Thought was wrong. The Answer isn't 42, it's DSL!

muscle aches

I recently quit too.
The usual headaches.
I also found for about 4 days I had muscle aches in my legs as well.
I had to take a muscle relaxant to sleep.
All is fine now and I am happy I quit coffee.
All the best