Ebox II - can boot DSL

I bought a couple of Ebox IIs to see how they would boot DSL. They run on a Vortex86 200MHz All-in-One Single Board Computer with 128MB onboard DRAM.

I was really impressed with how small these things were, and they were able to boot DSL from either USB or from IDE. Really, it was a marvel to have DSL run on such tiny hardware.

Unfortunately, X and all the gui apps ran a little too slow for practical use, but I can see such a unit having all sorts of nifty local server applications.

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heh, I love it.

They can't be any slower than my toshiba 420cds (99mhz, 40mb ram, 256mb CF) running DSL. I use that for irc, ssh, etc a lot.

How about a link for some pics of this thing in action?

Deep Thought was wrong. The Answer isn't 42, it's DSL!


Well, I don't have them anymore. Robert has one, and ke4nt has the other. So you will have to put the squeeze on one of them to get some shots.

Ebox II

Did you use the "current.iso" install?
I am trying to see if I can make a single web page server with one today.