How Do I find OLD posts ?

I asked a question 2 weeks ago but was too busy to look and see if anyone had answered until now
cannot find any evidence I ever asked anything.

What am I missing ?

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Questions were deleted

Apparently blogs are not the place to ask questions. Some guy named John deleted all the questions recently.

John's post said to ask in the "forum", whatever that is. (I'd post a link but I can't find it myself). He also suggested IRC which you can get to from the DSL root menu like so: Apps -> Net -> nIRC -> nIRC.

The people on IRC are a bit hard to understand at first, but they seem friendly enough.

Use the serach

Use the search function in the forum. You can choose to search by the topic or by the username. If you don't remember what section you posted in, choose to search all forum posts. Also, at the bottom you can determine how far back you want to post. You can even search from the 'beginning' which gives you ever post with that keyword from the beginning of time. :)

Some people get offended when we say this but the 'regulars' often do exactly that (search) and post the link when a person asks a commonly asked question.

Good luck and enjoy DSL.