Is that a cluster in your pocket?

We are finally in the age of inexpensive embedded hardware. Any geek with
a few hundred dollars to spend can start hacking embedded applications on a

One low cost system that has been getting a lot of attention recently is
the Gumstix ultra tiny computer.
Check out the screen shot of the cluster which could fit inside your

Being as deeply involved in DSL I am sticking to x86 hardware, and
embedded x86 systems are finally getting affordable. Nano-itx should bring out all kinds of cool innovations. We still need an affordable PC104 platform for the masses.

I really hope I am still into these things 40 years from now when I retire and have the time to play with gadgets the way I'd like to. "Grandpa what are those things?"

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i wish we in indonesia got lu

i wish we in indonesia got lucky this time. when i first stumbled on your project, and your mini pc, i scrambled to local computer store only to find that they don't sell it, just because 'it's too geeky, we don't sell geeky things round here' or ' you mean micro ATX right? you must be mistaken, there's no such things as mini ITX'..d'oh ..and Indonesian credit card accepted nowhere, and nobody wants to send to Indonesia (well, almost, on Ebay)
we got anything new almost immediately, except DIY kits like this.
back and fro forum to forum, i got a distributor (that's like buying gasoline direct from Shell, u see what i mean) that had this mini ITX baby. so i got myself one :)
nano ITX....well, guess i have to ask that distributor to stock one :) ..naach