Kernel Panic!

Hi all! I'm a new DSL user, and, as every beginner, I'm having some troubles.
I'm trying to install it into an old Compaq Armada 1700, it's a pentium 2 with 64 Ram Mb, and a 5GB hardDisk. So it sounds to have the right needed hardware! I need to use the floppy-cd-boot because it is not possible to boot directly to the cd from the bios.
Then I created both (floppy and Cd) and I used them. I see the boot line but even if I write nothing the system doesn't start: it always display only these words "Kernel Panic!" and then 2 leds in the keyboard start to flash, and there is nothing to do!
Please, does anybody know what to do?
Thank you very much!

Roberto, Italy

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Use the forums

Robgenna, you are more likely to get an answer to your questions in the DSL forums, the blog section is for musing not tech support.

Thank you, and please accept

Thank you, and please accept my apologies because I didn't understand there is a forum for tech problems, I'm really sorry to have post here my problem.

Don't worry about it, and wel

Don't worry about it, and welcome to the DSL community!