Garage Music Linux with DSL

Now it's after St. Patrick's Day and I am remodelling the garage. So I have my little DSL-laptop and old Hafler DH-200 and a pair of antique Smaller Advents (purchased in 1978?) in the garage with me to keep me musical company.

Oh yes, I am typing this while standing in the garage listening to the Chieftians.

Do I have he only DSL-equipped garage in North Texas? Maybe.


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DSL equipped garage

In north Texas... probably you're the only one. I live in St.Petersburg/Russia, i've got a P200MMX with 64 Mbs of Ram in my garage
running DSL.

Well, not anymore...

When I first started building my workshop, I used an old laptop running DSL to play music in the garage. The shop's finished, and its audio system has been upgraded to a wireless transmitter running off the HTPC (Ubuntu/MPD for the music) in the house.

So, can I cry technicality and say you aren't alone in North Texas?


Second place is good enough for me

OK, so I wasn't the first. But it's nice to know that I'm not the only one. Maybe I was just the first or only one in Euless (DFW).

And as for our Friend in St. Petersburg (the Venice of the North), I am clearly not using the least powerful hardware. But I think it would be cool sit in a garage in Russia drinking a beer listening to music. I've been lots of places, but never to Russia.