486 with 20 MB of RAM

I had been testing out other small distros for a laptop my brother gave me that had a 200MB harddisk and 20 MB of RAM on a 486 processor. I found this distro (then version .0.7.1) and wow did it do the trick. It had a better GUI environment I felt than WIN95 on the same machine. It supported all my PCMCIA cards.
I am now using .0.8.4 and yeah it has come a long way. I think about the only thing I can think of that i really wish came on the CD was the Dosfstools because I like cfdisk and DSL seems to work flawlessly for partitioning harddisks and copying files.
THANKS to all you at DSL.

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Speed comparison

Outstanding man..good to hear the life of that dinosaur was spared...

So does it seem that DSL runs faster/more stable on that system, or about the same

Show all your friends...blow em away by firing that thing up and browsing the web wirelessly and stuff and tell them the specs of that machine and watch thier jaw drop! (thats the best hehe)


I am anxious to try

I have three donated laptops with the "Speed Demon" being a P133!! As soon as I can get them connected to my network I am going to frugally install DSL to them. I think two of the lappy's are 486's. When I get DSL installed I will post photos.