Data Adquisition

I've tried DSL on my Pentium 166 16 Mb RAM laptop (Extensa 390) and it works!
Now, I'm using this machine to make data adquisition and temperature controlling.
My favorite compiler (and programming language) is FreePascal. I've copied some files from a Debian woody installation to make this work, and it works.

Copied files was:

as (to /usr/bin , from binutils package)
ld (to /usr/bin , from binutils package) (to /usr/lib called from as or ld ?) (to /usr/lib ) (to /usr/lib )
libvga.config (to /etc/vga )

Now I can compile and run all my freepascal/vgalib/data adquisition source code.

Also, I'm in talk with the Monkey web server's developers team to get my freepascal cgi applications running in the DSL. Then, this box will be a full web based data adquisition system.

DSL is the best GNU/Linux distribution for old hardware, and therefore, the best GNU/Linux for data adquisition.

FreePascal has no problem with a tar.gz installation.
as, ld and the vga libs could be distributed as an add-on or something.

Excuse my english.

Good work ! Excellent work !

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what kind of data aquisition?

when u say data aqquisition..what use are you planning for your DSL?

"You cannot wield it!"

Temperature control.

I do temperature control. I read a thermocouple, and send a power level to a electric furnace.

I can control up to 8(4 to read, and 4 to write) devices through the parallel port. The parallel port is in the non-bidirectional mode, for compatibility with old hardware. It works very well with a few multiplexation.
In my experiment, I have only three devices: 2 "read-only" devices for a 12 bits ADC (1 device for the MSB, and another one for the LSB), and 1 "write-only" device for a DAC0800/TCA785 phase controller.

The software make a PID compensation.

It is a low cost, fully programable temperature control, with a script interpreter to read a serie of segments, then the control follows the points indicated in the file.

The low cost is very important in my country !

Please feel free to ask if you have other questions !

Inpromptu, from Argentina


very cool stuff keep us posted on th progress

"You cannot wield it!"


Hello Inpromptu

Vivo en Colombia asi que hablare en espaƱol. Soy estudiante de Ing mecatronica y necesito controlar una corriente atravez de un microcontrolador, pero necesito me ayudes con toda la informacion o los planes correspondientes que tengas, en el proyecto que hiciste del control del Horno.

Le agradeceria cualquier informacion que es de caracter urgente para mi. es mi email

gracias de antemano