Its a girl

Wife had second ultrasound yesterday... its a girl! Fascinating watching the hi-res ultrasound images. Its amazing that something so unbeliveably complex could be created in such a short time. And, boy is she cute. Time to start thinking about names now. Not long until the big day on May 25 :-)

TrainGUI is turning out to be much better than I expected. Originally I wanted a simple GUI builder that I could use to launch perl and bash scripts, but now Ive got almost a complete IDE. Still trying to figure out if I want it to produce super simple code with globals for all the controls and simple perl subs for callacks or if I want to make all the controls objects that overload the callbacks. Hmmm... do people realy want to define their own controls? Guess I'll do some more thinking. One way or the other I'll probably have a working first version out in a few weeks.

I wonder, is this the first application developed completely using DSL?

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your child

congratulations =)

tronik @ #damnsmalllinux


As is said on theo forum...Welcome to the Revolution! and parenthood..;-)


That is wonderful news... cheers to both you and your wife!
Eric Gundersen
Development Seed
Director of Program Development