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dmix in fluxbox slit

Sombody tried DSL on Psion netBook?
Will the standard 4.4.2 boot?

Photos on web pages are too dark
How do I adjust the brightness?

Why does EmelFM refuse to open?

login dsl user without ask password

How to set /home to another partition
/home folder on a different partition

large fat32 drive size error
seagate 750g df shows 110gb

What earlier version of DSL should I use?

kbdconfig change doesn't remain
how to make it (eg "us-intl") permanent?

export PRINTER=lp in bootlocal.sh not working
HELP!  What's wrong?

DSL Editions
I'm not sure where this distro is going.

preserve ssh cert and user base across boots?
how do I ?

Screen capture
Capturing what's on the screen

fix grub or lilo

mydsl menu listing
mydsl menu listing

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