Configuring CDW CD burning tool

Alternatives to CDW CD burning program
HELP!  CDW stinks!

7 day file backup script?
How to create 7 day file backup script?

removing apps
removing apps

Need -o param for ps (ps -o)
Need to run ps -o

new murgaLua in testing

Anyone know a good P2P client?
I wanna acces the gnutella network

problems running GNU screen

emelFM version .92 dooted box
logfile dotted box question

How do I establish a file association?
MPlayer and *.flv videos

eject should umount && eject?

MSDoc Convert/Viewer
DSL v4.1 - does not convert to PDF

Install Rails on DSL
Trying to install Rails on DSL ...

Cannot install myDSL extensions w/ mydslPanel.lua
export desktop and insntall remotly

naim not connecting
but gaim is

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