myDSL Extensions (deprecated)

How can I get DSL to save myDSL programs?

Citrix ICA Client myDSL Extension
citrixica.dsl ready to go

installing .dsl files
download click nothing

XFree86 / Ver 4.5.0 / FPIT
How to extend the XFree86.dsl with FPIT

xawtvdebs.dsl-for tv tuner card
Works but no picture...I Wanna Watch TV

WMWifi not working

post install
script in progress


Having problems getting Abiword to work

dosbox keyboard problem
some keys don't work

restore will ignore programs
pptp client wont restore

Info on making dsl extensions?

P2P telephony

Make an iso with my app and DSL
How do I combined onto a single iso?

OWFS 1-Wire Filesystem for Linux
Easily access sensors, memory, switches

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