USB booting

usb drive name
how to find it using DSLv3

sound issue with runecape
is it possible to play .mid sounds

USB Pendrive install script bug

USB Install Script
Location of USB Install Script

frugal vs pen - boot problems

USB Pendrive Boot on Toshiba Portege 3490CT?

Can't find DSL -- 4.0 & syslinux

Need help installing dsl!
Dsl usb boot installation


Acces local hard drive using DSL on a pendrive
i don't have acces to hda1,2

find command
trouble with find command

Prevent DSL user from being logged in at startup?

booting question about grub, usb thumbdrive
is this possible?

An interesting problem. Hope DSL can help!
A bios flashing job.

Install on a 128 MB USB Drive ?
Can DSL be installed on a 128 MB stick ?

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