Desktop Icon Position
Appears half-way down the left-hand side

gcc can't find /usr/bin/ld
gcc error and how can I fix it?

Automate build/compile environment in DSL-N
Script menuconfig?

iconbar mode?
is it supported in this version

view video streaming in seamonkey
embedded video in seamonkey

rdesktop and vncviewer??
rdesktop and vncviewer should be added

Read multiple USB partitions in Windows
Useful trick

unable to run downloaded apps
extensions requirements not met

Debian Etch is stable, Sunday 8th. April 2007.

DSL-N RC4 Missing programs?

linux-phc - undervolting patch for kernel in DSLN?

Problem restoring downloaded files
Problem restoring downloaded files

Missing mount options

DSL-N not bootable from USB?

How to extend DSL-N

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