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I want to see if I can make a GAIM 1.5.? extension for DSL. Problem is, I can't seem to find the dev enviroment for GTK2 anywhere. Looking either for a GTK2-dev extension, or info on how/where to get it and set it up my self. Better yet, is there a way to set up a full DSL dev enviroment?
Anyone? I know someone has the devs for GTK2. I just spent most of the day fighting with apt-get to see if I can get it to work, but I can't even find the same version as what we are useing anywhere, never mind installing the devs for it. When I try and use the debs, all I get is errors.

I really want to be able to help out, and make some extensions for DSL. Can someone help me get started?

Well you can take precompiled versions of gaim if you installing gtk2-dev + compiling is too much for you...
And then you could package it for mydsl.

If you want others to try to help you on your current errors, post exactly what you did and trying to do, and what the exact errors are.

It isn't gaim that is the problem. I am trying to get the devs for GTK2. There are no debs that I can find of gaim 1.5.*, so I was going to build it from source, and make a dsl extension. I figured out how to do that last from a source install (I think), I just can't find gtk2-devs for the version of gtk we have on dsl, and the GTK2.0-dev from the debs won't install from any of 4 repositories. (oldstable, stable, sarge, unstable) ya, I know unstable = really bad idea, but it didn't work anyway... :)
I am a programmer, and have worked with LINUX for a while. What I was hopeing to be able to get around, was doing a full source install of GTK and all its parts, and trying to install it the same as the package we are useing now.

You may have to manually extract the gtk2-dev debs if you want to use those specific deb packages.

Try google if you want to find debs of gaim 1.5 (esp backports)

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