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i succesfully used gaim gtk2 on dsl 4.0, but now with dsl 4.2 im not able to use it anymore. the problem does not lay by gtk2, but the prob is that there are no supported ssl library's... how can i get those?

i appreciate your help :-),

Nothing changed SSL-wise between DSL 4.0 and 4.2..
still, i get a warning from Gaim that ther have to be supported SSL libs...

i listed the /usr/lib and grepped for ssl, an i see that all the ssl libs are OpenSSL libs, but i read at the gaim/pidgin site that gaim is not compatible with OpenSSL, is there a way to install some different SSL libraries?

Tough choice; you would need to install the lib and recompile gaim. It can be done, but using a client that doesn't have moral problems with openSSL might be easier..
i'm now using amsn, but would still do anything to getgaim back, cos amsn is a bit buggy...

wich libs do i have to install? and how do i do that?

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