Multimedia :: HELP!  How do I change Mplayer plug-in settings?

The file is /opt/mplayerplug-in/etc/mplayerplug-in.conf

I think I've found a solution for the problem I've been having with YouTube videos being too dark.  The source of this solution is at

This suggests I need to make a change in the file /opt/mplayerplug-in/etc/mplayerplug-in.conf .

However, the computer refuses to let me edit this file and doesn't even let me change the permissions.  What do I do to just add one little command to this one file?  I need to blow through this speed trap on the information superhighway.

If you installed via UCI, you have to remember its mountpoint is not writable. You can temporarily copy the directory with contents to another directory name (e.g., mplayer-temp), run mydsl-load on the original UCI to unmount it, copy the temp directory back to the original name*, then modify it as you need, and either tarball it as a tar.gz, as a new custom UCI, or leave it be if you're using a hard drive install or have plenty space on whatever medium you have /opt mounted. (If this is for hard drive install, you should probably convert your UCIs so they're persistent directories instead of mountable apps anyway.)

*- Use the same, identical, case-sensitive, etc. name to prevent errors due to things being linked to self-contained (and related dependency) directories.

I have a frugal installation.  The myDSL extension if mplayerplug-in.unc .

How do I make the change?

I didn't know it was UNC, I figured with it being in /opt and unwritable it was UCI. Same process of copy-change-recompress, just different method and you can't unmount it (so do the work in a temp directory or in your home directory). The wiki has directions to make each kind of extension:

OK, I copied the mplayerplug-in directory contents from /opt/mplayerplug-in to /home/dsl/jhsu-mplayerplugin-temp

I unmounted the mplayerplug-in as you described.

I made the change to the mplayerplug-in.conf file.

What do I do now?  How do I get all this back into a .unc?

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