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Title: Internet connection
Post by: jbander on August 07, 2012, 10:58:32 PM
I'm trying to connect to the internet ,Since I got a new wireless router my other computer won't connect to the internet . I go to setup/net setup/netcard config It asks me for interface, etho is written there, it asks for IP (iguess it wants the address) I don't have it, it asks for network mask and is written in, Then it asks for broadcast and I don't know what that is. it asks for gateway and my provider said it was then it asks for name server and and is written in there and my provider gave me a secondary address of and My provider wasn't very helpful. can someone here tell me the rest of these addresses or tell me how to get them.

Title: Re: Internet connection
Post by: John on August 08, 2012, 05:33:36 AM
Hi jbander, can you explain, do you have a computer running DSL that doesn't have internet access?  Or, are you having a hard time getting any computer, regardless of OS to connect?  If it is a general Linux question than probably going to Linuxquestions.org will get you a faster response.

Title: Re: Internet connection
Post by: CNK on August 08, 2012, 11:52:57 PM
So is this computer connected to the router wirelessly or with a cable?

If it's wireless, you want to use the iwconfig GUI, not netcard config.

However if the computer is connected to the router by an ethernet cable, then you should be able to use DHCP to automatically configure the settings. To do this, use the option named something like "Use DHCP Broadcast" towards the top of the netcard config window. When you select "yes", the troublesome boxes should be dimmed out and you can simply click apply at the bottom. This way your PC talks to the router to work out the settings itself.

If this doesn't work, find the settings of your other computer (which I assume is also connected through the same router and working) by opening a terminal and typing "ifconfig" in Linux or "ipconfig" in Windows and read off the IP address. Then type it into the IP box of the DSL PC but increase the value of the fourth number by one. eg. if it is "" on your working PC, use "" for the DSL machine.

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