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  UEFI enabled boot
Posted by: KarsteinE - Yesterday, 01:11 PM - Forum: User Feedback - Replies (1)

Could we PLEASE have an ISO that is capable of booting on an UEFI computer? I want to run dsl alongside Windows 11 and a variant of Ubuntu but then I have to have GPT disks and UEFI boot..

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  Website won't load
Posted by: Jim2029 - 02-24-2024, 10:24 PM - Forum: Help Section - No Replies

Fresh install. Badwolf browser. JavaScript on. Only the title bar will load but the site will stay blank white page.

[/url][url=https://ibb.co/F4JhyRt][Image: 20240224-172310.jpg]

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  Can't get DSL to run in any mode
Posted by: Sc00trU+2640 - 02-24-2024, 04:47 PM - Forum: Help Section - Replies (4)


I am new to DSL but not necessarily running Linux on virtualbox

I have tried every mode, ("virtual box video", "dsl 2023...." etc), 32 bit and 64 bit, have VB guest additions installed, etc. But it keeps ending up on the desktop image with nothing else. Nothing to click on, nor key combinations bringing up anything. 

Interestingly, video safe mode at least brings a red menu bar at the bottom and the computer details in the far right corner, thought I am not sure why. Missed getting s screenshot of it and trying to bring it up again didn't work because it got an out of memory error.

I am on windows 11, Virtual Box 7.0 btw. I also tried both 32 bit and 64 bit mode for the "virtual box video" mode 


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  Publicly available repo?
Posted by: Rev - 02-23-2024, 03:55 AM - Forum: User Feedback - Replies (1)

As it stands right now, only the iso is available for download. After doing some research, DSL has never had a public code repository. I understand that DSL is just a soup of very lightweight open source/free utils and programs combined together. But, do you plan to keep DSL private or would you be open to having other people make contributions to DSL?
Why am I asking this? Because I am very interested to contribute in this project.
Please let me know if i said anything wrong/incorrect.

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  Persistant screen resolution in VirtualBox?
Posted by: Rev - 02-23-2024, 01:13 AM - Forum: Help Section - Replies (3)

Hey, I would like to say I'm brand new to DSL. I have been trying it out on VirtualBox, and just by my first impressions, I'm really liking it so far! But there is this really annoying issue where it always defaults to 800x600 in VirtualBox. I mean, I can change the resolution using the Screen Layout Editor (ArandR) and I can save that layout script that (which just calls xrandr), and I could use crontab or edit rc.local to call that script but I'm wondering if there is a much better way to do this? I did try the VirtualBox boot option and it did not do anything. I even tried looking this up but most of the information on DSL is pertaining to the older releases. Any tips, tricks, links, guides, etc. would be great!

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  Interest in a lower compression iso optimized for USB booting?
Posted by: John - 02-22-2024, 06:29 PM - Forum: User Feedback - Replies (19)

Due to the goal of maximizing compatibility and including as many useful applications into the constraints of a 700MB CD size I am using zx compression on the ISO.  The trade-off here is that time to boot from the live image can be impacted.  It isn't that noticeable on more powerful hardware, but on light weight netbooks or virtual machines it can slow the process of booting down.  This does not affect boot time once DSL is installed on a hard drive.

I've noticed that a lot of people are installing DSL 2024 on pen drives and using them to boot their netbooks or running DSL in a virtual machine.  It would not be very difficult to provide an ISO that is optimized for these boot methods.  With an identical build but switching from zx compression to lz4 compression I've halved the boot time in Qemu.  The drawback is that the ISO is larger, 1084M vs. 632M for the zx version -- not really critical for most people who are interested in running DSL in a virtual machine or booting from USB.

So, is there interest?  Could I get people to report the difference in boot time?

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  Boot DSL on UEFI system
Posted by: KarsteinE - 02-22-2024, 01:47 PM - Forum: Help Section - Replies (6)

I want too run dsl alongside Windows and Wubuntu linux on an UEFI based laptop, how can I make the .iso bootable on an UEFI system? Or is there another way around? I have tried installing it in BIOS mode and that went fine. When I switch to UEFI the grub config in Wubuntu can see the dsl installation but when I include it in grub and try to boot it it just says "error: you need to load the kernel first". TIA


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  Wrote image to USB drive, won't boot
Posted by: Crow12345 - 02-21-2024, 11:39 PM - Forum: User Feedback - Replies (2)

Base computer running Mint 21 64bit
Downloaded dsl2024 iso, used the USB maker, it wrote to the thumb drive, I tried to boot old laptop with it, old laptop says "no boot sector found on USB drive" and fails to boot. 

Tried twice, same issue. 


I was an absolute fan of dsl back in the day, I still have all my old CDs, and I'm wanting to try this updated version so bad!!

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  DSL iso don't boot with Ventoy
Posted by: jmanuelcool - 02-21-2024, 07:44 PM - Forum: Help Section - Replies (1)

Greats, my post is very simple:
I was downloaded first alpha for try (i used DSL many years ago), but when i'm trying to boot in an USB with Ventoy DSL don't boot. But if try to use iso in a VM (i use qemu) boot fine.
Someone was successfully boot using Ventoy

PD: i'll try to download second alpha

PPD: Sorry for my bad english,

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  Keyboard shortcuts?
Posted by: magnificent - 02-21-2024, 03:48 PM - Forum: User Feedback - No Replies


I am trying out the alpha - two motivations, a fun excuse to bring life back to my eeepc 701 + a desire to observe and maybe give feedback to the evolution of a new OS

A bit of context, I am not quite an intermediate linux user but not quite a novice either. I do quite a bit of python development on ubuntu in my day to day so I know my way around debian derivatives on desktop and in servers.

I have really liked the DSL2024 experience so far Smile

The first feedback / observation I've noticed is that either there are few keyboard shortcuts that are common elsewhere, or they do not work on my eeepc keyboard - I know that the buttons work because the usual nano and tmux commands that rely on alt, shift, ctrl work.

Alt+ Tab also works, as does ctrl+w (sometimes), as does alt+f4

Could we perhaps add a way to add keyboard shortcuts? as well as a more comprehensive set of defaults

The "useful ubuntu shortcuts" are a good set to align to.

The biggest one I miss however is ctrl+alt+t which I regularly use to open a terminal - given that DSL will be so terminal and text editor heavy, I'd imagine a shortcut to quickly open up a new terminal is vital..

I will share more feedback as I get the time to play around a bit more - if there is already a way to do this, please let me know Smile

Also - I recognize that the intent is to keep the installer as small as possible - so local docs/manuals are removed. Perhaps there is a way to make docs be served over the web? At work I have used github-pages to offer free doc hosting. Just a thought.

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