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Title: DSL Samba server
Post by: b0by on August 08, 2012, 02:54:18 PM
I have a thin client with 32mb CF that i try to make as samba server using DSL that boots from USB.
I found this tutorial how to make DSL samba server> http://home.comcast.net/~dsbonnell/NAS_Files/NAS-server.html

The thin client has just 32mb CF (integrated pcb bord with IDE adaptor) so i try to boot DSL from usb and share over SMB the contents of the usb stick.
Tried to installed few older FreeNAS that fits on 32mb but i get btx halt error at boot  :(.

So my only hope is DSL but I cant get it to work  :(

The USB stick has 2 partition: 50 mb ext2 with DSL and 1.8 gb fat32 that has MyDSL forlder with samba.dsl and backup.tar.gz.
I try to share that 1.8 gb partition over SMB.

I tried to modify the bootfunctions, bootlocal.sh, smb.conf, shares to share /mnt/sda1 that is the fat32 partition but nothing, I cant get it to work  >:(

Can anyone pls help me?

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