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Title: Fit Demos
Post by: CNK on May 26, 2019, 03:37:19 AM
In case anyone here (is there anyone here? Oh well...) shares a passing interest in the Demoscene. Generally most PC demos don't have Linux versions, and when they do, they hardly ever seem to work in DSL (even the older ones, or at least the ones that I try).

But I recently happened to try some of the demos from the Finnish group Fit (http://www.kameli.net/fit/), and the majority of the Linux versions there run quite well (albeit often a bit slow on my Thinkpad R31). This is probably because many were written for Linux originally, and at about the time of the kernel that DSL uses.

Exceptions which don't run at all (at least with my hardware) are:
Je Regrette
Make it 4k
Once upon a Time in the East

The early DOS ports use SVGAlib and I've configured that previously on the PC that I was using, so they may not work on a DSL install "out of the box". Some might need to be run as root as well.

Anyway, they're something fun to run on an old PC if you're just playing around. Something a bit faster than my 1GHz PIII laptop would be better for some of the later ones. Don't download the 64-bit versions, of course.

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