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Title: Updates and replacements suggestions
Post by: uki on February 16, 2013, 01:13:41 AM

This is one great distribution aimed to old hardware and I hope this will stay with the same philosophy. There is a lot good old hardware around the world not been used probably because people don't know what to do with it or what to system to install.
A lot changed and it does change fast in the computer and software universe, so much changed since DSL 4.4.10.
There is so much new things going on, new options to some old ones and I know software here must be small and fast.
There are some really light weight stuff available that would give a new punch to DSL.
About the window manager, well Fluxbox isn't that lightweight, check this link: http://incise.org/not-so-tiny-window-managers.html , DWM is another pretty small window manager and goes in the tilling family of WMs fairly used now days.
Also same thing about the xterm: http://www.calno.com/evilvte/
About bash, DSL is based on Debian i believe which is now using Dash smaller and faster.
Firefox is the second option browser in DSL but today the new ones are a lot bigger and not sure if any of it can fit in the 50mb, there are others today:
Dillo still the best small fast browser in my opinion.
Well the list of things I could think about just go on and on so to make it easy for John and anyone else developing here some links with list of some software that could be good addition:

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