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Title: Introduction - a place to say HI E-neighbor
Post by: ms_tux on January 01, 2014, 06:57:21 PM
No one has started a place just to say hi, and yack about who they are and where they come from.
So, gulp, here goes:
I got this ISO for DamnSmallLinux from a LinuxFormat Magazine.
It was the first Live CD I ever used. So that is how I discovered DSL.
Having a WIndows Computer that crashed everytime it snowed
up here in Vermont (an area know as the NorthEast Kingdom) DSL
quickly became my choice because I could at least get on the net
and read my E-mail.

Being surprized (and glad) I didn't have to enter my birthdate, I decided
to try a forum. Most of you would probably call me a Grandma because
all those bells and whistles you like don't really appeal to me. It's all
unappealing glitz to me. I'd rather a command line, an editor, and I write
the most unappealing "down and dirty" CC programs, that seem to

I've worn a lot of hats before my hair turned grey... I'll only mention one
because it's probably of interest here. They hid me in a non-windowed
14 by 14 room with an Apollo computer (huge, huge sit in front of box)
in an area called R&D... There I designed computers, and did most of
my work in assembly language. Did a lot of firmware using 8048, 8080
for various research projects.

There! That ought to be enough..
Dare anyone else introduce themselves?  :D

Title: Re: Introduction - a place to say HI E-neighbor
Post by: ms_tux on January 12, 2014, 04:52:33 AM
Wow. Someone around the Alps where all the good wine
come from. Somewhere near Dijon I presumme...
Yes, in fact one of the first Apollo graphic units...
You could PM me... It was my intent that this area be used just
to give a little intro so we knew a little about other DSL members.

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