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Title: DSL for 3G modem
Post by: astray on October 06, 2012, 12:47:41 PM
What is application of 50MB DSL?

CD volume starts of 203 MB and higher. No need so small linux.
USB volumes smallest then 2 GB are difficult to find. No need so small linux.

But I am know target application DSL - 3G Modem internal dashboard.
It can turn any computer with|without CD|DVD|HDD to personal internet surfing station, or small portable server(two variants).

Normally 3G USB starts as USB CD to install dashboard|drivers. After install dashboard software ejects USB CD and then modem works as modem|sd_card_reader.

DSL can replace USB CD iso image and starts computer from it, then eject media and use modem to surfing or serve.

Normally internal memory of USB modem has 10..20..30 MB. It`s smaller, then DSL, but I hope its real by dropping any software no needed for internet surfing. Need only 3G modem software like 3gmm, 3G modem driver, browser with plugins, e-mail|ftp|jabber|VNC|RDP|torrent|DirectConnect|DHCP|PPP|VPN|IRC clients.

I`m not experienced in linux, but successfull boot from USB modem by tinycore linux 11 MB. But no internet avaliable in that application. I`m don`t know what to do more.

Do you like my idea?
Is it possible to realize it?
P.S.:sorry for poor english

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